Our Mission is to first help provide Haitians with their physical needs.

In doing so, the hope is that they will be able to learn about the TRUE living water and never thirst again.

The Farm is the home base of CAMS. Located in the NW part of Haiti. Here we provide irrigation to 120 farmers who are able to grow gardens to feed their families as well as make a living. We also grow some fruits and vegetables as well.

John 4:10-14

Churches- CAMS 

There are two churches that are located in the NW . CAMS has helped build these churches. Each location holds services weekly.

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Well drilling  is and has been one of the most important parts of the CAMS ministry. Over 100 wells have been drilled mainly  in the NW of Haiti.  Steve shares the Jesus film as he is drilling to share about the living water so that they never thrist again. 

Deaf schools- HCCD/CAMS

Due to childhood diseases and lack of medical attention many children are deaf in Haiti. We have the privledge to help 5 deaf schools in Haiti. We help make sure they receive an education and also help them learn about the Gospel. 

Serving The

People Of

Haiti for over